Should the list include a salary range?

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Salary negotiationThis is often one of the most difficult and awkward parts of the job search process.Wouldn't it be much easier if companies told us in advance what salary range they wanted?A list of jobs with a salary range can save job seekers and hiring managers a lot of time and trouble -- not to mention the unpleasant surprises that come with negotiating.

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That's why many employers keep secrets

Companies get a lot of benefits if they don't publish a salary budget.Basically,This gives them the upper handWhen negotiations are needed.There's no doubt that companies know exactly how much they're spending on salaries, but sharing that information with every potential employee through a job Posting doesn't help them.

For example, one company wants to hire people for about $65,000 a year.However, when a qualified candidate enters the interview room, he reveals during the negotiation that they are willing to accept a much lower position.The company won, right?As far as the bottom line is concerned, it seems reasonable to reduce the remuneration of talents where possible.

How has the job list changed -- what does it mean for you

In the past, it was customary to include salary on a job listing, and without that information, job seekers would not apply for a job because they thought it was suspicious.But over the past 15 years, companies have gradually reduced the frequency with which they include salary figures in job advertisementsFlexJobsIn the year 2013.The recession has continued this trend, as employers used to include salaries to attract more qualified candidates as a competitive advantage in recruiting the best.However, as the number of applicants increases, candidates have already submitted a large number of applications to human resources departments, and they no longer need to simply include salary information."

Of course, not all companies that don't list salary ranges in their job ads expect candidates to accept below-market pay.Some people just want a deal (not an unreasonably low salary).But is it important for you, the job seeker, to know what an isappropriate rangeThat said, you won't be surprised to accept a salary that makes you resentful and inefficient over time until you get into the process.

Last but not least, it's important for managers to remember that if your employer doesn't pay your team what they deserve, it affects everyone.

"How can you brag about your team, talk about the importance of talent, or make any statement about how grateful the company is to its employees when you know that other people are being paid less for their skills?"Liz Ryan askedForbes.

What should I do next time I encounter such a situation

If you are applying for a job and the salary range is not clearly defined, there is one very important thing you need to do while negotiating.If they don't plan to offer you a salary range, don't share ityour salary history.

Instead, make sure you know exactly how much you should be paid based on your skills and experience.The PayScaleSalary SurveyFind the right range for this role.And then, let's seeSalary negotiation guideTo get some useful advice.Whether you know the potential salary range or not, be prepared.

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