Be a jerk and lose your job

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About a month ago, BuzzFeedGot our attentionthe craziest Ask a ManagerAll the time.

Entitled I fucked around with my ex-girlfriend. She's going to be my new bossThe author, a math teacher at an international school, recently discovered that his new supervisor would be his ex-girlfriend.Not just his ex-girlfriend, but the man he had been living with for two years, who had disappeared from their apartment and her life without a word of explanation.

Allison green's advice was as correct as ever: contact Sylvia (his ex-girlfriend) in advance, apologize, and ask if she'd like to talk about what to do next.

But, she cautioned:

I didn't know you could save this!It doesn't make sense for Sylvia to be in charge of someone she's had this experience with.You can try to see what she thinks, but I'm ready to move on, no matter what you think.I know it would be inconvenient -- maybe even difficult -- but there might be no other option.

The Follow-Up

If you're a fan of advice columns, professional or otherwise, you know you won't always find the answers in the best columns.But sometimes you do -- and fortunately, this is one of them.

The author of the original letter sent onefollow-upGreen said he did contact silvia, but received no response.Then he contacted human resources, covering all the bases...Finally, he met with Sylvia, the chairman of the oversight committee.Although the chairman did not think it necessary to terminate the meeting because of past bad behaviour, he did propose several precautionary measures which the phantom described as "rather excessive".He resigned on the spot.

In the end, he says:

All in all, I left here with no job, no severance pay and no hope of finding another job in the city, as the Internet whippersnappers hoped.Obviously, I had to leave because I needed to make a living.Soon I'll be moving home and working as a substitute teacher in an agency for a few months.I'll see it later.So I got my comeuppance.I'm certainly not asking for mercy.I just wish there was no one else as immature as I was.Due to visa problems and family reasons, my partner cannot join me.

The Lesson

The corporate world is small, and personal and professional fields often overlap.You may think your bad behavior at home or at work won't affect the rest of your life, but you never know who your next boss will be.If you don't want to be embarrassed or, worse, lose your job, treat others as you would like them to treat you.

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